“You’re now our go to for special occasions.”

-Cameron and Julie Filipchuk

“On our way now to pick up our favorite brand of wine.”

-Sherry Tower

Windrush Chardonnay Bottle“The Chardonnay is quite lovely with a terrific opening aroma, great balance, and very elegant. The wine simply shines in the glass!”

“I was blown away by the Pinot Noir. Jon has done a great job of finishing the wine with his added touches. Lovely aromatics, very well-defined Pinot Noir character, nice aftertaste, no bitterness, tannins have found a home.”

“The Cab Franc shows very nice character – very smooth for a young red just bottled…”

“We enjoyed Windrush’s Dry Riesling with our chicken tonight and I have to say the wine was very impressive – the bouquet jumped out of the glass, lovely citrus, fresh, and the taste was ethereal – truly!  This is a beautifully balanced Riesling, in fact I would say a perfect balance, and clean tasting from start to finish.  The only unfortunate thing is you want to drink too much of it!   Congratulations to Jon on a superb job.”

-Jim Warren, Legendary Vintner

“Just want to thank you for having us as guests at your fabulous estate.   It was the highlight of our visit to Hockley Valley.  We all agree that it was probably the most enjoyable tour and tasting we’ve ever experienced. You were both so welcoming and generous with your time and knowledge.  We really appreciate you opening your home and sharing your life’s journey to Windrush with us.   And of course, being able to enjoy a lovely bottle of your wine at the chateau was the perfect way to end the tour.”

-Ken and Laura Welch, Doug and Joy Thompson

“I had the Pinot Grigio reserve with a lovely honey and citrus glaze salmon yesterday. It was the most awesome glass of wine I’ve ever had!

Even though I’m a white wine drinker, I loved the Pinot Noir during the tasting with John. He told me the story about you and the cinnamon donuts. I have a recipe for cinnamon walnut rugelach and look forward to drinking it on New Years!

Thank you so much for being part of a new holiday tradition.”

-Rose Schmidt

“…you are one of the best things that have come into my life in 2020!”

-Diane Dann

“We had a meal designed around your Pinot Grigio: three mushroom risotto and honey garlic shrimp. For this dish, the crisp fruity nature of the wine was a lovely counterpoint to the food. However, the marvellous surprise was how magical it married with appetizers which were smoked salmon, smoked olives and smoked olive tapenade. With this, the wine lengthened the smoky flavour for minutes allowing us to enjoy everything at a slow pace.

Pale straw colour with notion legs

Nose: sweet tropical fruit (pineapple, passion fruit and kiwi

Taste: starts at the middle of the tongue with bitter apple, white grapes, minerals, unripe peaches and spicy. After taste: lingering lime or stone fruit.

All in all was lovely experience!”

-William Beauvais

“I would like to thank you for making my birthday so special. I was very touched that you would open your home for my family to celebrate my birthday. It couldn’t have been a better gift. With thoroughly enjoying the tour of wine making, becoming more educated and tasting the fruits of your hard and dedicated work. We will be back for more!”

-The French family

“Thank you for a lovely visit on Saturday. You are both such gracious hosts. John, we so enjoyed your “talk”….so informative and interesting. Marilyn, we loved your home. Thank you for opening it to us and allowing us to enjoy the delicious Pinot Grigio in such a beautiful setting. The third floor is so spacious and comfy…..the views spectacular. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you…”

-Beth and Paul Gilbert

“What a wonderful surprise discovery — “Windrush”! Genuine thank you for the experience on an exceptional November day on behalf of Gail and our friends. Enjoyed the tasting, the insights on the property and of course the hospitality with the outstanding views of “the valley”. But of course, the star attractions were the wines, in particular the new Cab Franc and dry Riesling.”

-JC and Gail

“Thank you again SO much for not only the best wine I’ve ever tasted but the most amazing hospitality.  Both you and John made our 5th anniversary a day we will never forget. We’re already talking about our next date back at the winery haha. My parents were so impressed with how amazing both the Pinto Grigio and the Pinto Noir tasted! My mom and I were just talking yesterday about planning a girls’ date at the winery…!”

-Sara Franco

“We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the winery and having a glass of wine at your beautiful chateau.  Thank you again for hosting me, Steve, Frank and Elena and for the beautiful and thoughtful birthday card. You and John have a gem in the Hockley Hills and we wish you much success and happiness as it flourishes! We will definitely come again.  We have lots of people we would love to take there.”

-Bonnie Koenig

“Thank you we so enjoyed our time learning about your wine and having the house tour your place is beautiful. We have and will continue to pass on our experience there and have already shared some wine with friends.”

-Louise and Scott Kenzig

“It was not only a pleasure but also a surprise to taste your wines yesterday at the Dymon Wine Cellar: a surprise since the varietal name on the label cannot tell what you are really going to enjoy in your nose and mouth. [Winemaker] Jon Boyle and [Vintner] Jim Warren showed us what can be done with VQA wines – to redefine what Pinot Grigio can taste like when done like a Pinot Gris (as recognized by your recent Decanter World Wines Award for your 2017 vintage). You changed Jennifer’s opinion not only about Pinot Grigio but Chardonnay as well.

The same applies to your delicate, bone dry and flavourful 2019 VQA Riesling. It will really stick out of the pack in an Ontario Riesling tasting!

A special mention to your 2019 VQA Cabernet Franc (to be bottled in November). Great job, Jon!
Thanks to the whole Windrush Estate Winery for this memorable experience. I am looking forward tasting the next vintage.”

-Christian Frayssignes, GM, Wine Operations, Dymon Group of Companies

“Thank you so much for the tour. We love your winery!! As you can see from the picture, we just couldn’t wait to open the Chardonnay!! We had it with a pound of mussels and an arugula pizza. An absolutely sublime wine.”

-Mauro and Annick Masatti

“I absolutely loved the Pinot Grigio, I loved the gris colour, mouthwatering acidity, beautiful citrus notes and my favourite the salinity on the finish! Great complexity, and very food friendly. My favourite of the three and I plan to post on Instagram tomorrow about how much I enjoyed it.”

-Lori Sullivan, sommelier

Windrush Estate Winery Views & WineEnjoying some Windrush Rose the Winery kindly delivered to our home. It’s helping keep up our spirits during the stay-at-home direction. Also puts a new perspective on Gardening! This could catch on!

Thanks again to Marilyn and John for their efforts to lift spirits up!

-Peter and Dragica Cocker

“Best Ontario Pinot Noir!”

-Zofia and Keri Humber

“… during your private event at Art Toronto, I sampled the red wine, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality – roundness and depth of flavour were greater than I was expecting from a local wine. As a result of that tasting, my husband and I purchased a red and a white wine directly from Windrush Estate Winery, and we have enjoyed them immensely. Thank you again for introducing us to this new winery!”

-Jane Theodore

“It was great to see your operation. It was apparent your goal is quality.”

-Wine importer

“Windrush Estate Winery was created from the imagination and determination of Marilyn Field and her husband J. C. Pennie. This beautiful new winery is located an hour’s drive north of Toronto on the north bench of Hockley Valley.

The name Windrush hails from the Windrush River Valley in the Cotswolds, England. I think it is also very appropriate as the area surrounding the winery can be very windy indeed!

Jonathan Boyle, the very personable chief winemaker, makes wines at Windrush. The highly regarded Jim Warren is the consulting winemaker. As the vines planted on the property are still too young to produce grapes for wine production just yet, grapes for current vintages are sourced from the Niagara region. . .

I was particularly impressed with their Pinot Grigio. People who know me will be surprised by this selection, as I find it difficult to rave about Pinot Grigio!… This is one of the most interesting and delicious Pinot Grigios from Ontario I have had the pleasure to taste. It is dry with a charming forward aroma, medium body and rounded tropical flavours and a lingering finish. This is not a light Pinot Grigio. It has character and charm. This is a wine to be enjoyed with appetizers, and light to medium main courses. . .

Try and visit if you can. It is worth the drive!”

-Shari Mogk-Edwards on March 8, 2020


Glass of Windrush Pinot Noir with flowers
Windrush Chardonnay and cheese board