“It was not only a pleasure but also a surprise to taste your wines yesterday at the Dymon Wine Cellar: a surprise since the varietal name on the label cannot tell what you are really going to enjoy in your nose and mouth.

[Winemaker] Jon Boyle and [Vintner] Jim Warren showed us what can be done with VQA wines – to redefine what Pinot Grigio can taste like when done like a Pinot Gris (as recognized by your recent Decanter World Wines Award for your 2017 vintage).

The same applies to your delicate, bone dry and flavourful 2019 VQA Riesling.  It will really stick out of the pack in an Ontario Riesling tasting!

A special mention to your 2019 VQA Cabernet Franc (to be bottled in November). Great job, Jon!

You changed Jennifer’s opinion not only about Pinot Grigio but Chardonnay as well.

Thanks to the whole Windrush Estate Winery for this memorable experience. I am looking forward tasting the next vintage.”

Christian Frayssignes, GM, Wine Operations, Dymon Group of Companies

Glass of Windrush Pinot Noir with flowers