Did you know that Windrush Estate Winery is named after the River Windrush in the Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds is labelled as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK, known for it’s honey-coloured brick buildings.

The River Windrush is a valuable part of the Cotswolds. At around 35 miles long, it begins in the Cotswold Hills, flows through Burton-On-The-Water, flows by the village of Windrush, until joining the River Thames (London’s iconic river!). Our winery name came from this beautiful piece of nature which the owners experienced on their travels.

Whilst we have been staying home during these odd times, the River Windrush still flows, providing life to its plants, little creatures, and inhabitants of the surrounding towns.

This provides a comforting thought – that amazing things and natural beauty still continue.