Winter Rosé

Not something we hear often, if at all. The words “winter wine” conjure images of full-bodied reds, sipped cosily alongside a hearty roast or home-made stew. Red wine is synonymous with winter and a fabulous choice for a cold weather drink, it’s definitely one which we adore also.

That being said, the right Rosé wine can be a delightful surprise and perfect compliment to those colder days.

Windrush’s Rosé Wine loves winter. It’s jewelled pink hue reflects Hockley Valley’s sunsets; cascading light illuminating the snow and turning the sky a mix of gold and frosted ruby.  (We also find that it works well with blushed cheeks after an invigorating hike around the vineyard!)

A Cosy Evening

Whether relaxing by the fire side, nestled on the sofa or with a good book in your chosen cosy corner, the coldest season invites the occasional glass of wine. Our Rosé stands proudly as delicious evening sipping, especially with a little food and perhaps a friend. Cranberry and rhubarb notes honour winter whilst notes of strawberry echo summer, making this a rich Rosé.

Pairing & Sharing

Any great bottle of wine deserves to be shared, and what better way to do this than with food and friends?

Gatherings during the winter are always a treasured occasion, formal or relaxed, small or large – we all love crunching through the snow on our way up to a warmly lit home, knowing our loved ones are inside. Especially when those loved ones are providing food and wine!

And for those who are our gracious hosts – the process of preparing for the evening is part of the winter sharing ‘ritual’, considering the needs and tastes of the beloved guests, and making sure they are entertained and delighted. They trade interesting stories for your amazing hospitality; it’s a wonderful tradition and act of love.

When crafting your evening’s sharing, there are many fabulous meal ideas with which our Rosé will pair nicely.

Pairing Windrush Rosé with turkey, ham or a vegetarian roast will please your dining guests, not to mention it will also be a discussion point at the table since this Rosé wine will be a pleasant surprise!

Pouring this wine with a Paella is another delicious and comforting option. Our Rosé, leaning towards full-bodied, holds its own with the stronger flavours of garlic and saffron. Paella is warming and colourful, a feast for the eyes – much like the Rosé! This dish lends itself well to seafood, chicken and vegetarian variations, making it easily adaptable for any guest.

If you are seeking a lighter pairing choice, why not pour the Rosé with a charcuterie board style spread? Cheese selections, meats, olives, breads… all comforting and just as gorgeous to look at as they are to eat. It goes well with your sweet tray too: chocolates or warm, homemade donuts.

However you decide to pair this Rosé, keep the feeling of ‘comfort’ in mind; comfort food, comfort movies, cosy gatherings and beautiful company.

Rosé is not only destined for warm weather; winter deserves it too. And with these food parings, we feel it’s a winning combination for all tastes.


Winter is SO long; why wait for spring?