A Spectacular Salon Sunday at Chateau Windrush

It was a delighted full house at last Sunday’s spectacular afternoon with pianist/singer/songwriter Kelly Walker, poet David Stones and songbird Rachelle Shubert. As we listened, responded and sang along together, truly we were carried to the very heart of loving life in all its moments. As David mused, “…love is the spine of everything…”

Thank you sincerely for everyone’s kind donation to the LEAD kids. Beyond the tickets, by purchasing Kelly and David’s books, attendees donated another $360 to the LEAD program, helping kids find their own love – of themselves, no matter what their challenges, and their voice to LEAD their world forward.

In youthLEADarts, across Canada, the children learn to LEAD as they Listen, Empathize, Act and Drive while they create together. This link shows LEAD at work with a one-day workshop last week in Hastings PS in downtown Eastside Vancouver: https://youthleadarts.com/the-difference-you-can-make-in-a-day-or-two-youthleadarts-at-hastings-elementary/

Please join us to make new memories at ‘your local, world-class winery’!

May 14: Mother’s Day ‘Flight Of Fancy’ a special afternoon treat for your mom, introducing young pianist/composer, Taras Petryk, 15.

June 11: ‘Final Windrush Concert‘ with opera stars, Sara Papini and Romulo Delgado

John & Marilyn

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