Inspired by world travel, in the pure air of a thousand-foot elevation,
Marilyn Field and J. C. Pennie found the perfect glacial till on the bench of a valley where the drying winds and heat rising from the Nottawasaga River below, cried out for the perfect vineyard.

On this very property, where they planned to entertain friends with its Amazing Views, they built an energy efficient Chateau. Reminiscent of the Windrush River valley in the Cotswolds, the future was set. Windrush incorporates art, wine and nature to rival other global settings while being close to home.

Today, Windrush Estate Winery, under a 60-minute drive from Toronto, has established their grape trellis rows with ground hugging clover between. Rabbits forage on the grasses growing with the vines of Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio. Overhead, the native hawks of the Hockley Valley keep the starlings at bay, while breezes keep the grapes dry from the rising valley heat.

In the new winery on the north bench of Hockley Valley, Windrush grapes are fermented in state-of-the-art processing system. Computers monitor & maintain exacting temperatures throughout the wines’ development. Then the magic of Chief Winemaker, Jonathan Boyle, and legendary vintner Jim Warren, have created Great VQA Wines for select local restaurants.