SUN. MARCH 24th, 2024 – James O’Connor & Tyler Reed (Single Ticket)




    James O’Connor & Tyler Reed

    Comma Echo – Music From The Eye of a Storm

    The Comma Echo project borrows its name from the meteorological term used to describe the shape that oceanic storms make on weather satellite imagery.

    James’ love for the rugged coastline, free-diving and surfing is evident in his music and photography. Lyrics merge maritime themes into stories about human nature, supported by rich visuals curated from his work on location as a commercial photographer in Canada and the Caribbean.

    “I get really excited by energy changing hands on the coastline… winds make the waves and their energy is both so beautiful and destructive that if you can learn how to survive them, you can handle pretty much anything.”

    Limited to 50 guests. $45 includes premier seating, wine reception and a meeting the artists. Proceeds help underserved kids through

    James is a cofounder of The Art of Storytelling, a boutique production company focusing on stories that matter. Tyler Reed is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music instructor who works as a session musician for bands such as ‘Delaney’ and ‘Sohayla Smith’. Their new collaboration ‘First Light’ is available on all music streaming services.

    Each bottle of Windrush wine contains the fruit of the land, the tenacity of entrepreneurs and the passion of visionaries. A portion of every ticket goes to help empower underserved kids. To learn more, call Marilyn at 905-729-0060 ext. 228 or visit